Creating AS3 applications using XCode and mxmlc

8 04 2007

Yesterday I decided I’d spend my weekend trying to get my feet wet using Actionscript 3. Little did I know that it would be such an endeavor to get up and running.

First, I wanted to see what I could do using Apple’s XCode. I really like the XCode editor and environment and have used it to develop AS2 stuff in the past, so I figured someone had probably already built some templates for AS3 development. No such luck. I did find a rough starting point at Josh Buhler’s blog. Since I didn’t really want to play with Flex, but rather AS3, I started modifying his template to suit my purposes. I also wanted to take advantage of these language specs.

What I came up with is a custom xcode project template that starts me off with a default AS3 class and a simply directory structure. From there I modified the “build and run” command to open my published html/swf in Safari.

If anyone is interested in the template, drop me a comment or email and I’ll send it over. I’ll try to explain how to use it in another post if there is any interest.

Now.. on to experimenting with AS3!




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12 06 2007
Poul Skovmand

I’m trying the same from Josh’s blog, but I fail. I would like to receive the template and I think (from googling around) there would be interest in a walk-through post – at least I would 🙂 Thanks!

14 06 2007
John Robinson

Poul –

I appologize.. I sent you the Flex template. I’m pretty sure though that it contains roughly the same stuff as the AS3 template (I haven’t touched the AS3 one since I started using Flex) so you should be able to get something working with that. If not, drop me a line and I’ll send you the AS3 template.

14 11 2007

Hey John,

Nice work with all this stuff – definitely very helpful for me getting up and running. I’m wondering if you can answer a quick question I had about including 3rd party as3 libraries with xcode. I guess the question is: how do you do it? I’m basically looking for the equiv. of setting classpaths / sourcepaths like you would via the flash / flex builder IDE… thanks – if you don’t mind, shoot me an email? wc at hauntedcastle dot org

thanks again! – w

15 11 2007


I was wondering if someone could help me a little with, i love to actionscript, and am on a mac … and dont want to shell out the cash for fdt right now. I have leopard osx, and xcode .. and i was hoping you could send me some template files and instructions to how to use them (am new to xcode (just downloaded it) .. many thanks


30 01 2008

Hi, I did the same thing as you, although on leopard the language-files failed. I created new ones for xcode on leopard and create a script (based on someone work from someone else) to compile files with fsch so compilation is faster. Its still very messy, but maybe you can improve the ‘tools’ i made… I cant share it myself… If you want them, send me a message..

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