RemoteNote – My first IPhone app

1 04 2008

I’ve been toying with developing native applications for the IPhone (see the toolchain post below) for some time now, but have never really come up with anything useful. RemoteNote is my first ‘real’ application. It’s developed using Jiggy, and is designed to allow you to edit your notes remotely, using a standard web browser. Current limitations (future features):

  • Cannot create or delete notes (you’ll need existing notes to edit)
  • Does not update modification dates, titles or summaries
  • Browser-based editor is a bit ‘minimalistic’

Usage is pretty simple. You’ll need to have a wifi connection available on the phone. Fire up RemoteNote and then point your computer’s web browser to the address RemoteNote gives you. Edit your notes as necessary. When you’re finished, simply quit RemoteNote and carry on as you were.You should be able to find RemoteNote under “Productivity” in Installer shortly (Thanks BigBoss!). If you love it, hate it or want to change it, please do let me know here in the comments. Enjoy! * RemoteNote is currently alpha software. I’ve tested it on firmware 1.1.3 and have not had any issues. As usual with alpha software, use at your own risk. 




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3 04 2008

Great app John. I have really been waiting for something like this.

I know that is in alpha state and it works really great for editing your notes.

I have some suggestions for the application that I believe should be nice:

Bonjour support – Instead of writing 129.547.54.54:8088 it would be nice to just type ipod.local:8088 or something like that.

Can you run this application in the background instead? It would really be nice just to have it running and accessible at all times.

I´m looking forward to your future work on this app. 🙂



3 04 2008
jon trovillion

The program does not work.
I put in in iPhone.

Got error: “safari can’t find server.

3 04 2008
Giles Hudson

Useful application.

One bug (on 1.1.4) noticed: clicking on some notes links produces only “undefined” (error presumably), and then the rest of the links are all incorrectly offset i.e. clicking on note number 8 actually brings up note number 7 etc.

3 04 2008

I pointed my browser to as directed by the program. The notes show up however when I click on a note it actually brings up the previous note in the list. So, for example, if I click on note 18 it actually brings up note 17. If I click on note 1 it then says undefined note. Any editing done creates the following error in the browser on my pc upon saving the note:

saved: falsehome

It does not change any information in the notes. So, it does not change note 17 or 18.

I am using iPhone firmware 1.1.4. I am using the lastest Firefox on a PC. I hope this feedback is useful to you as I believe you have the makings of a useful application.

Rees in Racine, WI

3 04 2008
Giles Hudson

The problem with retrieving the wrong note is because, for example, if the notes database has ten notes in it, the ID’s for these notes are not necessarily 1 to 10: if some notes have previously been deleted (it seems) the note IDs may be e.g. 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 13,14 17. The program retrieves notes on the assumption that the note IDs will always be 1 to x, where x is the number of notes in the database.

Other bugs:
(a) inserts two carriage returns for every one in the actual note, and when saving note back to the database retains these double returns;
(b) does not always succeed in saving text, in some circumstances, e.g. maybe if the text changes are over a certain length??

3 04 2008

works very well, but there are 2 misstakes:
1) after saving it, it shows a page with this content:”saved: truehome” – there is an html error in it, it should show up the link
2) sometimes the links look like this: “http://null:8088/…..”

tested with Firefox running winxp

but with Safari(running winxp -.-) it works without a problem 😉 very nice

i really need this software, thank you very much!
btw: i don’t tested it with internet explorer, because i will never use this kind of browser 😀

3 04 2008
John Robinson

Thanks everyone for the valuable feedback!

There are some issues with how it talks to the database and deals with note id’s. This is at the top of my list of things to look into.

Bonjour support sounds easy enough.

If it’s not working at all, make sure you have some notes already created on the phone.


3 04 2008

absolutely awesome program.

there are definitely bugs and other issues that im sure you can clean up but for now it is amazing. i prefer it much over other hacks and even if it did sync with mail i find this way easier because i dont use mail on my mac and i can edit notes on the fly at the library or a friends place or w/e.

thanks a lot john.
cant wait for the updates.

3 04 2008

Works fine with firmware 1.1.3, great app!!! thank you so much.

3 04 2008
Wolfgang Kurtz

Hey Mr. Robinson,
greetings from Cologne, Germany.
Please keep on developping this app – it’s a great idea to edit Notes on the iphone via Port 8088.
Ever thought about a “donate”-button?
I did donate for the “books”-app which I really enjoy every day…

3 04 2008
Jeff Cross

It looks very promising. I REALLY want to be able to edit notes. I get undefined for all my notes. It doesn’t save any of them. I have 1.1.4

3 04 2008

Although this program is a great idea, I’m afraid it’s not working for me. I get a message in my browser saying:

The connection has timed out
The server at is taking too long to respond.

I do have notes already created in my iPod Touch.

Any thoughts?

3 04 2008

Great app! I am running into similar problems as people are mentioning with the undefined. Seems like an offset problem, perhaps due to deletion of past notes?

To those who are having connection problems, make sure the “RemoteNote” screen is actually showing on the iPhone and that it your iPhone is not locked. Once it locks, your iphone typically will go into a powersave mode and disconnect from your local WiFi making it impossible to view via your browser.

4 04 2008
John Robinson

Daniel –
Thanks for posting that bit of advice. I have my phone set to not lock for an unusually long time and didn’t think of that.

For everyone else, stay tuned! I’ve got a pretty hefty update in the works. The database interaction is a huge part of that update, as well as a much nicer editor.

The database structure is just plain bizarre so it’s taking me a bit of time to really figure out how to properly interact with it.

4 04 2008

Great app – can’t wait for you to add the extra features you mentioned (like creating notes). Thanks!

4 04 2008
Remote Note: iPhone-Notizen am Rechner editieren

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4 04 2008

Nice Little App.

I had an issue due to the fact that you hardcode/derive the local IP address of the IPhone into the URL’s.

Since my IPhone was connected via a Wifi/Router and hence was on a different subnet. I needed to do a port mapping from the public IP address of the router to the internal IP address of the IPhone just to get access to the IPhone.

Now that works fine but since you are explicitly specifying the URLS in your app after getting to your app the URLS are all wrong since they refer to the internal IP address of the IPhone which is not what I used I had used the public ip of the router.

Ideally if you just use relative URL’s then the PC browser will take care of it for you.

I hope I was clear enough about the issue.


4 04 2008
John Robinson

Sanjay –

That makes perfect sense. I will definitely take a look at that before releasing the next update.

Thanks for the heads up!

4 04 2008

this is a great tool that solve my problem on how to extract the note from iphone to pc. thanks a lot. looking forward the new version to fix the bugs 🙂

4 04 2008
Pablo Mac

I’ll hop on board with the previous compliments on this great start to a very useful program. I’m looking forward to using it more and more!

4 04 2008

greate program thank you for your efforts.
a little bug maybe, my notes that have single quotes would not show for editing (page not found error)…

4 04 2008

It said undefined for some of my notes and the ones that worked didn’t correlate with the correct title. I use my Iphone to take notes during class and have been looking for an app like this. It’s a very good idea. Thanks for the hard work!

5 04 2008

great app. works perfect on 114.

5 04 2008

Thank you. Cool Apps!
But it does not work with Japanese Character.

It displys ????.
Please fix it.

5 04 2008
Jeff W

I like and paid for this idea / app.
Further development will definitely broaden the scope of Notes on a iPhone, but it doesn’t work.
Now for what I have found: I have a PC with Vista OS.
I have tried to link up with my iPhone via the following browses:

*Opera: after entering the address it does not find anything just a blank browser window.
*Safari: Finds my iPhone as well as the existing notes created, but it does not allow me to add and or change dialog.
I get a, save false error.
*IE: Was able to link up with Notes, but it also gave me a saved false error.

I do have a MacMini was well so I can check on it as well, but I think I will get the same issues via Safari.

Further testing has revealed that I can save or change the dialog with in a note as long as I do not add a , : ‘ ” in the beginning of the note.
ToDo: (save: true)
ToDo’s: (save: false)

Further down my note I was able to add a , (comma) to a sentence but not within the first few sentences or rows.
Additionally every time I reenter the note I find that tan additional space between the sentences has been added.
If I go in twice then I have 2 rows of separation between the sentences.
1. do this

2. do that

Hope this all helps.
I was wondering when can we expect the next release???
I am a registered owner NOW of this product so will be receive the update for testing first?


5 04 2008
Jeff W

Correction I did not pay for this app, I have installed and supported to many other apps and mistakenly thought this was one that I donated to…
SORRY for the error you did not request any $$$ but I would if it would further expand the capabilities.

Still I would be glad to offer my OTB 1.13 upgraded to 1.1.4 unlocked, activated, jailbroken via ZiPhone 2.5c.


5 04 2008
Jon Rune

great app!!!!
i needed this sooo bad, i almost cried when i found out about it… tears of joy!
whn will you add the possibility to add and delete notes?
that would really complete it!

thanks man!

8 04 2008

Works Freakin GREAT thank you for making editing my notes sooo much simpler. Im on 1.1.4. there is one small thing and its probably just me doin something wrong but 3 out of 4 times that when i edit a note it will change the path to div to P when it does that the notes will put a double space inbetween lines like so.

and it keeps

doing it the more i type. is it me or the editor.

8 04 2008

I keep getting “Safari can’t open…can’t find the server.” Using 1.1.2
Any advise? thx

9 04 2008

I’m so keen to use this. Excellent idea! However …

Do you know whether it should work on an iPod touch with 1.1.1 firmware?

I’m getting the “taking too long to respond” message from Firefox. Definitely have the right IP address and have RemoteNote running … and my Touch isn’t locked.

10 04 2008

Ok, wow, the new Notes 1.0 version is great!
It’s awesome how you bundled in TinyMCE and still managed to keep the application small.
Great Job!

11 04 2008
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15 04 2008
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17 04 2008

Great Product! It works well on my home network ( but when I plug into a 30+ computer office network I receive a “null:8088” and unable to connect with IE or Firefox.

10 05 2008
View and Edit iPhone Notes in Your Browser with RemoteNote | Jonathan

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13 05 2008
Pier P

Hi John,
Thanks for such a great little app. I just donated because I want you to keep up the good work and I can hardly wait for the updates. All my suggestions have already been covered by other users so you just wok hard (but get enough rest too!)

19 06 2008

Installed remoteNote. When I go to using my browser it prompt for user name and passsword. what to do? no idea.

20 06 2008

prashanth –

You need to use the name and password that you’ve entered into RemoteNote on the phone/ipod. If you haven’t entered them, the defaults are ‘remotenote/remotenote’.


12 08 2008

This app worked great for me on 1.1.4. I love it!
Do you plan on releasing this app for iPhone firmware 2.0?

I used RemoteNote to back my notes up to my desktop while on 1.1.4 and I’ve since upgraded my phone to 2.0.1 and now I cant get my notes back!


18 09 2008

THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you this is just what I need!!!

25 09 2008

hey john
i really need ur help nad this wounderfull app but when it askes for username and password on my computer it never works i tryed every thing remotenote/remotenote and my own and still dosnt work plz help

25 09 2008

Great app works like a charm, no bug for me!

10 11 2008

Hi John,

when do you think the app is available for firmware 2.1, because I urgently need to transfer my notes from computer to the iphone ?

Will it be on cydia/installer or appstore ?

If on cydia/installer : what source ?

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,


18 11 2008
James Gibbons

Hi John,

I agree with Mario, I use to use this program all day at work. It was really useful, I have been checking practically every day since I upgraded to firmware 2.1.

Are you even going to release it for this version? I hope so.

Your work is very much appreciated and is one of the top applications that I don’t mind paying for.

Kind Regards,


4 09 2013
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4 09 2013
RemoteNote: How to Edit your iPhone Notes Online! | RedHuck.Com

[…] an email of the info I need, then downloading it to the Mail application on the iPhone. Thanks to John Robinson for creating this awesome […]

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