RemoteNote – Updated – 1.0!

8 04 2008

Version 1.0 is out!

Look for it on Installer soon. Lots of bug fixes and a few nice additions. Key changes below:

  • Scrollable notes list in editor
  • Fixed alignment issues in the iPhone Notes app
  • Supports Windows IE, FireFox, Safari and Opera on both mac and windows platforms
  • Ability to delete notes
  • Downloadable notes database (so you can backup before editing)
  • Titles and summaries are handled much better 

Known Issues:

  • Editor doesn’t display properly multiple line breaks

I have a whole handful of new features in the works as well but wanted to get this out since it supports a wider range of browsers. As always, enjoy and let me know what you think.




13 responses

8 04 2008

This is the first 3rd party app that is really useful to me! Thanks!

9 04 2008

How about implementing Unicode support for foreign languages? This doesn’t seem to work for 0.2…

9 04 2008

I love this. Can’t get it add large amounts of text to a note and save successfully, but this is a real benefit to iPhone users who want to use Notes as more than just an occasional jotter, like me. Thanks for the app – I’ll be updating whenever updates available.

9 04 2008
John Robinson

Thanks for the great feedback!

Panda -I had tried a while back with a large amount of text, but couldn’t get it to break. I will try again and see what happens.

Dimitris –
Does your language show up in the list of notes, but not in the editor itself?The editor uses TinyMCE, which provides language packs that can be installed. I’ve never tried it but did look into it before pushing out this release. I will figure out what it takes and maybe add a ‘language pack installer’ into the editor.


9 04 2008


This is AWESOME. Thank you for fixing the IE 7 stuff. I agree – by far, the best program yet. Adds functionality that SHOULD have been there from Apple! What were they thinking? No way to natively get a note into the iPhone? What year is it?

– Jon

9 04 2008

I just wanted to say that this is a EXCELLENT program. Very useful.
This gives a little bit of reconciliation with iPods for not having bluetooth to transfer notes with.

9 04 2008

Wow, i LOVE this! Even if it’s still in its alpha stages, it is wonderful as is! I no longer have to use the “Contacts” app to store notes, I can just use this! Even better, the whole backing up the notes database so you don’t have to worry about losing your notes!

10 04 2008
RemoteNote for iPhone = indispensable! « ——– RMTWRKR:MOBLOG ——–

[…] = indispensable! Today I installed an application that I had heard about a few days ago: RemoteNote – Updated – 1.0! « John Robinson What it does: provide the easiest way to edit and create notes in real-time on your iPhone, but […]

11 04 2008

Thanks for nice app!

One thing to recommend is using UTF-8 as a default encoding, this should support almost languages.

12 04 2008

I can’t seem to get my IE7 browser to find my iphone? where do I start?

15 04 2008

I got to it in IE7… I was typing in 8080 instead of 8088…. now I did find a problem though – after uploading a note from IE7, if I edit the note on my iPhone the title disappears – am I doing something wrong? please advise

16 04 2008

are their any other websites that might have trouble shooting for this app?

16 04 2008
John Robinson

Eddie –
Are there any special characters in your note? I’m not sure why it’s not working for you. If possible, email me the first bit of your note and I’ll take a look.


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