RemoteNote Update – 1.0.1

3 05 2008

I’ve updated RemoteNote to version 1.0.1. Look for it soon on Installer.

New features include:

  • Spiffy Flex-based interface. All actions are now performed on the same page/screen. 
  • Password protection. The default name/password is ‘remotenote/remotenote’. You can change these using the Phone application.
  • Much better unicode support (should now work with languages other than english)

For more information, refer to the official page. As always, let me know what you think using the comments below. Enjoy! RemoteNote is donation-ware. It is free to use, but if you like it and want to see it stick around and improve, please do consider donating. Thanks!




37 responses

5 05 2008

anywhere to dowload it before it gets to installer?…

6 05 2008

Hi John,
Great App!
A greeting from Italy (Rome)!

7 05 2008

Hi John,

Great app, but when i try to log in, my iPhone says:
JavaScript error “TipeError: rnote has no properties in ‘/Applications/’ at line 111:

How to fix it ???

7 05 2008


it seems to be related to Jiggy Runtime App.

7 05 2008

Hi, im having the same problem as Roberto with the ” JavaScript error “TipeError: rnote has no properties in ‘/Applications/’ at line 111: ” error. i dont know how to fix it. any ideas? please and thank you.

7 05 2008
John Robinson

Thanks for the heads up!
I’ve fixed this, and have another update planned for either late tonight or tomorrow evening.


7 05 2008

Great work, from what ive read this app is awesome. thanks for the quick reply. i look forward to using the app.

7 05 2008

Great app. Love the update! 🙂

The gui seems to add a lot of extra line breaks, but only visually – i.e. it doesn’t translate to extra line breaks on the iPhone. And when I remove these extra line breaks and re-save, the note on the iPhone remains unaffected.

7 05 2008
mike talmor

hi John,
with the new version the theme problem seems gone, however the Hebrew problem got much worse – all notes that had any unicode became garbled. I normally use UTF-8 unicode encoding that seems to work fine with most applications within e-mail and IExplorer, but this application turned every hebrew letter into a few unreadable characters. Changing encoding didn’t do any difference. If you have any suggestions – pleaselet me know.
Appreciate your effort

8 05 2008

Hi. Loaded the app. Went to as instructed but got nothing. Have tried many times. So still cannot use the app. What shall I do?

9 05 2008
John Robinson

Mike –

Unicode support is my top priority right now. I just sent you an email regarding that.

Luna –
I’m not sure what is stopping you from connecting to your iphone/ipod. Can you verify that your desktop is on the same network as the phone? The desktop ip address should look like ‘192.168.1.x’.

Finally, for anyone who’s having unicode issues and would like to help test the next release, email me and I’ll send you the next version as soon as it’s ready.


9 05 2008

Hi there, i tried this app on my 1.0.2 iphone, and it worked great but i can’t get it to work on my 1.1.4. I get a ” JavaScript error “TipeError: rnote has no properties in ‘/Applications/’ at line 111: ”. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for a great app … finally someone with a highly useful app. Thanks for your help.

10 05 2008

Hi John,

My desktop IP address is I tried typing the on my computer again but couldn’t get in…


10 05 2008

Oh… one thing. I use safari browser on the computer… does that affect anything?

11 05 2008

Hi John,

Thanks a bunch for this great app! Unfortunately though I can’t seem to get it working, it loads the flash interface but then gives an error. Heres the error message:

IO Error:[IOErrorEvent type=”ioError” bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text=”Error #2032″]

I’m using Safari on Leopard on my work computer. I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong, any ideas?



11 05 2008

Hi John,

Yup it was my computer in the end, I tried it in Firefox on Leopard and an earlier version of Safari(3.04) on Tiger works, it works fine in both. I was using Safari(3.1) on Leopard and still gives the same error.



11 05 2008
Jan Sundt

Hi, John
I am using Remote note ver 1.0.1 , installed 11.05.2008
I have the problem still :‘/Applications/’ at line 111
What shall I do?


14 05 2008
jim styl


I’m planning to write a turkish dictionary in the ‘notes’ area (because I don’t know anywhere better), so turkish fonts (loaded thru the installer) would be very appreciated. They are predominantly alphabetical, but for a few letters.


14 05 2008

It installed fine and seems to launch fine but when I go to the site in my browser, it prompts for username and password AGAIN after putting in the username and password. I know I’m typing it right – I’ve tried several times. 😦 Wah.

15 05 2008

When using the program in Internet Explorer, it just doesn’t work. I get the interface and I can get the notes, but when I make a change and hit “save” i just get the old note back. It DOES save to the phone, just doesn’t update the screen correctly.

Also, when I click Add Note i get nothing in IE. But note IS added. Have to completely close IE and load it again to see the new stuff.

Works PERFECTLY in Firefox.

16 05 2008

I’m running 1.1.1 and can’t get into remotenote
I can run jiggy and I have jiggyruntime installed.
Has anyone been able to run this on 1.1.1 ipod touch?
this would be a really useful app for me.
I don’t want to upgrade to 1.1.4…tried it and couldn’t run some of my favs

17 05 2008

The error in /Applications/’ at line 111 happens when your notes database is empty, could you try to add a note from the iPhone application and then retry?

18 05 2008

Great tool.

Could you verify, does not work with Polish characters like ą, ę, etc.

Much better unicode support (should now work with languages other than english)

Thanks, Pat

21 05 2008
Colin Binmore

Hi John, I have down loaded the RemoteNotes soft wear onto my iphone which is running Version 1.1.4. When I paste the web address into my Windows exploerer navigation bar to go to the web page it does not work. Help! I have also tried typing in http://null:8088 but this gets me no where as well. How can I access the web page to build notes nd display them on my iphone. I have read good reports on the feature, I would like to use it. Thanks. Colin

23 05 2008

Hello John.
First, great application, very usefull,
but small pb here, how do i get to edit the note title, did i miss something??
It may be a dumb question, but i didn’t manage to do that.
Thanks a lot though.

23 05 2008

Alexis –

The titles get automatically created based on the first line in the note, so to edit the title, simply change the first line(s).


25 05 2008

Hey John,

Recently, remoteNote started throwing Jiggy Run Time Error: ‘TypeError: rnote has not properties’ in ‘/Applications/’ at line111:

I uninstalled and installed again.
I did try changing UID/PWD

Still this message keeps popping.

Any help would be appreciated.
Kickass app 🙂

P (I saw you work for UserPlane 🙂 I work for AOL)

25 05 2008

Hey John/Lincus,

Seems like Lincus solution worked (Just add dummy note to Notes) and the Jiggy runtime error disappears.

I am set.

25 05 2008

Hey Colin,

Try this:
0) Find out the IP address that your iPhone uses on Network (most of the time, it is the same address that gets displayed as soon as you activate remoteNote app on you iPhone).
For me:
1) Try this IP address @ port 8088 on your browser.
For me:
2) Enter your UID/PWD (You only set this, using your iPhone)

Now you should have it.


28 05 2008

hey john

i have an ipod touch 1.1.1

when i enter my ipods ip address
i get nothing on my computer screen and i have done this many times
i am using the latest firefox version
and my ipod and computer are on the same wi-fi connection

(my computer that i am using is using a wi-fi connection)

please help!!

3 06 2008

Thanks for a great APP, looking forward for some more notes to desktop features

I had the Jiggy error; then I read that I need to have at least a note on the iPhone; and it was helpful
I wanted to start learning Java to understand how to debug this
laugh all you like 🙂

all the best

3 06 2008

oh by the way;
the notes don’t seem to update “refresh” on the browser
I have to turn off the app and check mobile in order to see changes
any solution?

thanks in advance

3 06 2008

Cylvar –

Thanks for the positive comments!

If you don’t mind manually installing, grab the latest version from here:

It has a fix for the refresh issue (IE caching).


5 06 2008


I am having a very simple problem… When I type in the URL displayed in the app on my computer, I get a login screen; however, when I type in the login/pass from the app on my computer, it does not connect… I’ve tried changing the password, but no dice… What’s going on?

8 06 2008
Doug Kent

Firefox 3 rc2 crashes RemoteNote. It works fine in Firefox 2 and IE 7 for me. When I load the page in Firefox 3 rc2, the app crashes and only the logo loads.

21 06 2008

Hi John,
I got the update and it works like a charm on ie8
however; I love my new FF3; are you considering adding it to your supported browsers; we really hope you do; by we I mean me for all i know.

where’s your donate button by the way? are you not into that?
all the best either way

some more ideas if you have the time; is there a way to have RN run in the background like fring or i2reader? or are there Ajax restrictions?

Hope I’m not asking too much..


21 06 2008

oh and Doug is a Firefox fan as well

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