RemoteNote – release candidate 1.0.2 a2

18 05 2008

I’ve decided to release an alpha version for those interested in testing non-english languages, specifically double-byte characters like Chinese, Korean, etc. 

This version is not available on Installer but is available for download:

You’ll have to manually install it using ssh, winSCP, etc. If you don’t know how to do that, there is a ton of existing information available. Please don’t post comments asking how to manually install.

Aside from language support, I’ve fixed a few bugs (IE caching, extra lines in new notes). I’ve also added a preferences panel which lets you select a font and font size for the editor (note, this has no effect on the actual note text). 

I really need feedback as to what languages work, and what do not. So if you test it out, please do post your experience here in the comments! Of course, any other bugs should be noted as well 🙂




One response

20 05 2008

unfortunately doesn’t support Hebrew at all
notes written in Hebrew on iPhone looks on Remotenote as hexadecimal numbers
notes written on Remotenote in Hebrew can’t be viewed on Iphone
(hebrew is UTF-8)

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