RemoteNote update – 1.0.3

15 06 2008

I finally got around to releasing a new version of RemoteNote. It should be available on Installer shortly.

With the new version comes a new preferences panel which allows you to edit the font and font sizes in the editor (has no effect on actual notes) as well as play with the encodings and ime options (experimental) for non-english users. In my testing, non-english characters are still not working correctly. I feel like I’ve tried anything but of course am open to further suggestions!

In addition, there is a new ‘Restore’ feature. This allows you to restore your notes database from a backup. In order to successfully restore after a complete phone/ipod restore+jailbreak, use the following steps:

First, launch RemoteNote and use the backup feature to download your notes database. If the notes file opens in a new window instead of downloading, head over to and grab the latest version of the flash player (I had issues with the debug player on mac). Once downloaded, go ahead with your iphone restore and jailbreak, and reinstall RemoteNote. Do NOT launch RemoteNote yet. First you have to launch Notes and create a dummy note (RemoteNote will throw errors if the notes.db file doesn’t exist). Now that you have at least one note, launch RemoteNote on the phone and visit the editor in your browser and use the restore tool. Select your notes.db file on your computer and upload. You’re done! You should have all your old notes restored. 

As always, let me know here in the comments about any issues you encounter.





17 responses

18 06 2008

éèêà and friends doesn’t works…
But this is a really good Apps, good job 😉

19 06 2008

When I try to change encoding, I see the message “method doesn’t exist ReferenceError: Error #1069”

Japanese text is not working properly. Ganbatte ne!

20 06 2008

Whenever the app is launched on the iPod, and then when it is accessed by a browser, RemoteNote crashes on the iPod and the page partially loads on the browser.

21 06 2008

I’m having the same problem as Eric

21 06 2008

I’m having the same problem as Eric!!

21 06 2008

I tried to access by Internet Explorer and it opened!! So it’s probably a problem with firefox!!

23 06 2008

It used to work in firefox, after I started using it in IE, RemoteNote 1.0.3 crashes when accessing via firefox. By the way, the version listed in the IE tab is 1.0.1 although the RemoteNote version is 1.0.3

28 06 2008

Similar problem here as well…
Firefox 3.0 displays remotenote logo then app closes on iPod.
IE 6.0 works with no problems.

30 06 2008

I’m having trouble finding RemoteNote in installer. Is it listed under the name RemoteNote?

1 07 2008

It’s in the sleepers (BigBoss) repository which I believe is under the Community Sources.

15 07 2008

great application! will it be available in the appstore? i dont want to update my ipod touch because i often use the and i think it is a lot better than the apps from the appstore.

12 09 2008

If it crashes, try iexplorer. Mine crashed on firefox 3.

Great app, I am so happyyyyyyyyyyy

21 09 2008

im on 1.1.4
when i launch remote note it says
error opening database:Failed to open data base
so i hit okay, the app doesnt crash or anything
The when i go to the site in my browser, it half loads and my ipod says
JavaScript error ‘TypeError: this.db has no properties in

21 09 2008

whoops i hit enter

it says
JavaScript error ‘TypeError: this.db has no properties in
‘/var/applications/’at line 33:

21 09 2008

nvm lol i didnt read instuructions 😀

great app ty

25 09 2008

username and password dont work for me

13 10 2008
steve Jordi

wonderful application.

Do you intend to release a version for iPhone firmware 2.x ???

By the way you’re talented as a designer! The App displays a beautiful page to work with and even this web page is sober and well designed.

Keep up the good work. Waiting to get RemoteNotes on my iphone soon.

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