Using Sessions with Flash Remoting, Coldfusion

16 06 2007

I’m working on a chat app in Coldfusion and Flash. I needed to use sessions for the first time and ran into a few brick walls. For anyone looking to do the same, check out my thread on the cf-talk list.

The main things I learned are that in your Application.cfc file, you cannot use the “onResquest” event. I haven’t really figured out why, but thought it was worth noting. Also, I don’t believe you can directly set or read the session data in Flash, but it’s quite simple to write some functions in your cfc to allow that.


Creating AS3 applications using XCode and mxmlc

8 04 2007

Yesterday I decided I’d spend my weekend trying to get my feet wet using Actionscript 3. Little did I know that it would be such an endeavor to get up and running.

First, I wanted to see what I could do using Apple’s XCode. I really like the XCode editor and environment and have used it to develop AS2 stuff in the past, so I figured someone had probably already built some templates for AS3 development. No such luck. I did find a rough starting point at Josh Buhler’s blog. Since I didn’t really want to play with Flex, but rather AS3, I started modifying his template to suit my purposes. I also wanted to take advantage of these language specs.

What I came up with is a custom xcode project template that starts me off with a default AS3 class and a simply directory structure. From there I modified the “build and run” command to open my published html/swf in Safari.

If anyone is interested in the template, drop me a comment or email and I’ll send it over. I’ll try to explain how to use it in another post if there is any interest.

Now.. on to experimenting with AS3!