RemoteNote v.1.0.3

RemoteNote is a native iPhone/Touch application which allows you to remotely edit, print, and backup the notes stored on your iPhone/Touch using a standard browser (Safari, Opera, IE, Firefox, etc) and a wifi connection. RemoteNote also requires Adobe Flash Player.

RemoteNote is freely available via the Community Sources on App Tapp Installer, thanks to BigBoss. It has been officially tested on iphone firmware 1.1.3 and 1.1.4, but should also run on older firmware(s). 

If you’re having trouble, take a look at the comments for the current version. If you can’t find an answer there, feel free to email me



85 responses

9 04 2008
Dave Johnson

Great work on this application! I always keep my settings to power off the Touch after 2 mins of inactivity. Would it be possible for your application to change this on starting to leave it on (would be nice if it also dimmed the screen for power saving). Would also be nice if there was a button to restore settings prior to shutting down application…

Thanks for the great work!


9 04 2008
John Robinson

Thanks Dave!

I’ve started on a new feature that will alert you in the editor if your phone becomes unreachable. I will look into changing settings as you describe as that may be a welcome addition.

There is an application called ‘Insomnia’ available on Installer that might help in the meantime.


9 04 2008
Jeff Kilpatrick

This is great, at leas i can copy and paste important notes from outlook notes since there is no sync and none is the future.
Thanks for good work.

9 04 2008
Poul Kjeldgaard

Great tool. Its surely expand the productivity of Notes on my Touch.


9 04 2008

This is GREAT! I can do the heavy editing of notes on my PC! THANKS MUCH!!!!

10 04 2008

Thank you for making this amazing app, this is very useful for me.

10 04 2008

Great Application – functionality is excellent, finally a solution to editing and copy/paste to notes. Keep up the good work.. Future features? well I would love to be able to create a note in Remote note, at the moment I have to create a note on the iphone then go into remote note and paste in the text. This may already be available, however I didn’t see that capability? cheers

11 04 2008

this is a great tool!
Is it possible to secure RemoteNote with user name and password. I’m using it in the office and that allows everybody to see and edit my notes.

11 04 2008
John Robinson

Password protection is coming in the next version. I should have it out in the next day or so.

11 04 2008

Excellent, however it does not work with non 7-bit chars, like ÅÄÖåäö (Swedish).


11 04 2008

hey, i have ipod touch 1.1.4 remote note 1.0, when i direct my browers to ip address shown it doen’st load, it just goes to a error screen

11 04 2008

Fantastic app! Elegant, simple design that just, well… WORKS!

How about the ability to import text files?…

11 04 2008
Paul B. Yorke

Love the app,

Just wanted to mention one thing. I notice that the when I create or edit a note using your app each individual note (if I look at the HTML source) is surrounded with paragraph tags ( ie: p This Note /p) and when I view the note on my iphone I see that the note no longer lines up with the lines (the background image).

Going back I edited each individual note in the HTML editor and took out the p takes and at the end of each paragraph put two br takes br br and the result is it lines up properly again. Just wanted to throw that out there.

I am very impressed with the work you are doing. I have see this from the first version till now and have see it grow by leaps and bounds. I have been waiting for this type of an app. Now we need Apple to put in something to separate the notes by categories (similar to the way memos worked on palm pilots).

Any chance of turning this app into something that would automagically sync with my desktop? (even if it is intiated by me, this would be a very nice feature to have) I suppose you could have something that reads the notes in Mac Mail and then contacts the iphone to update the notes etc.


12 04 2008

I am impressed your Good Program.
This program isn`t supported Korean.
All Korean Data are Crashed.


14 04 2008

I installed via installer and restarted – still no access via IE7 – any advice anyone?

17 04 2008

Remotenote, One of the most useful apps on and for the iphone.

There is a better iPhone notes app called “moleskine.”
is there any way remotenote could work with this app?

Thank you for this.

20 04 2008

Is there somewhere that describes how to restore from the download for a neebie?

22 04 2008
Hans J. Albertsson

First: This is an immensely useful app!
One of the most useful ever!

However, international characters, i e non-ascii, don’t work, or rather, not fully.

When downloaded from the iPod, the A-like characters, å & ä, get downloaded as a.
Odd. and Ö comes down as O. Odd, to say the least

However, uploading to the iPod after editing in the non-ASCII characters preserves the å, ä and ö-s.

So, it’s not simple stripping, and it should probably be easy to fix.

23 04 2008

Thank you!

However, Japanese characters work partially, but don’t work fully. Please fix it,please.

23 04 2008


You. Rock. You da Man!!! I love this thing!!!

Hats off to you!!!


24 04 2008

hi there – small bug – when you insert a time-stamp for, say, 1 minute after 12, it will show as 12:1

keep up the good work! Good use of TinyMCE editor.

Feature request – allow the port to be set (it’s probably in a plist file somewhere if I wanted to make the change myself, right?)

25 04 2008

Thanks for app!

I have some problem with non-latin characters.
Put please this code in html:

25 04 2008

I mean:
META http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″

26 04 2008
Pablo Mac

All of the previous compliments are well-deserved. I have an idea for an app that I think you could develop, and make a few bucks in the process. If you’re interested, email me. Thanks for this great app!

28 04 2008
Joshua Booker

A small problem when i add new note it erases the old one

3 05 2008
mike talmor

hi guys great app. 2 problems: 1) no support for hebrew characters, not a big problem because i can still copy and paste and no harm done, but sometimes it would be good to justify right or left.
The other and bigger problem – once i enter my notes from the Iphone and make even a smallest change – the header of the note dissappears from the main NOTES page, ie it shows only the date and time of being edited and the name of the note dissappears (only on the main page, in the note itself it still shows). Any suggestions? I have 1.4.1 …
Thanks for the effort!!!

3 05 2008
RemoteNote Update - 1.0.1 « John Robinson

[…] RemoteNote […]

4 05 2008
John Robinson

Mike –
I think both of the issues you brought up are fixed in the latest release (due on Installer later tonight). This is the first I’ve heard about the header/title disappearing. Definitely let me know if that still happens with the latest release!


7 05 2008

nice app, except all the chinese characters do not show up.

7 05 2008

Hey John,
Love your app. I have been waiting for an app like this for a long time. Extremely useful to me.
On little bug I noticed: It replaces the + sign in notes with a space. You can put it back in using the web interface and all is okay but if you put one in a note on the iphone then read it in the web interface it is gone. Just though you would like to know, no big deal though.

Nice job!

8 05 2008

Hi, I appreciate it for your program
but I can’t use that program.. it has some error
I use Korean Language..
when I contact my server throught RemoteNote,
I saw unusual text..
like this
‘B098B97C AE0DC815C801C73CB85C B9CCB4DCB294 ACF3C73CB85C CC3EC544AC00C57C D55CB2E4’
what’s problem, that?, Could you make it this problem?

8 05 2008
James Ray

Fantastic!!! Wonderful software, adds much needed functionality to IPhone

8 05 2008

If you load a note created in notes that does not have the title on the first line
(has a blank first line) … initially the title will be displayed correctly. Once you make a change and save, the title will disappear – more accurately the title will become the blank line. Deleting the first blank line will fix the problem, but it can be disconcerting the first time it happens.

8 05 2008

Forgot to mention that I love this app. I was all cold with my bug report. sorry. :-p

9 05 2008

Brilliant application! keep up the good work!

9 05 2008
Won-Bom Hong

I have emailed you about a week ago regarding the unicode support on your great app. I just installed new version and checked out. As other guys are pointing out in their comments, unicode support doesn’t seem to work correctly. Big thanks in advance!:)

9 05 2008
John Robinson

Could anyone having trouble with unicode email me some screenshots and some info as to what they’re seeing, and what they should see?

Also, I need to know where the characters are showing properly and where they are not. By that I mean, are characters showing up correctly in the editor, and not in the phone, or vice-versa? As well, are characters entered on the phone showing correctly on the phone, and not in the RN editor?


9 05 2008

Great work! Really useful and simply makes sense.

Yet it seems to be not to be supporting other languages (Chinese) properly. All the text become strange code in the browser interface. Look forward to seeing the next release and hope you can have it fixed!
Thanks again for the great app

11 05 2008

Great! Great!
Please correspond to Japanese language.

12 05 2008 by David Brake academic, consultant & journalist

[…] notes on your desktop and sync them across. There are a couple of free apps that sort this out (RemoteNote or iphonenotes) but require you to “jailbreak” your device (which I have not done just […]

12 05 2008
Jon Rune

i love the new update.
would be nice if you could fix the bug regarding scandinavian letters though!
thanks pal

13 05 2008
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14 05 2008
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14 05 2008
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15 05 2008

I love this Great App!!! Wish more developers could make use of the WiFi on iphone. I wish I could sync my iphone contacts and musics remotely someday. Keep up the good work.

19 05 2008

I can’t get to load the page.
is it working?


21 05 2008
Jim Barr

Excellent application. Being able to edit using a “real” keyboard is so productive, as is being able to copy/paste from other apps.

I especially like it because it is clean and simple with not too many bells & whistles.

24 05 2008

this is truly a wonderful application. thanks for developing it!
i also second Jim Ball: i like the clean interface with just the necessary bells and whistles.

31 05 2008
Ahmed Nitul

A really great program, I will be making some donation for doing this great job, very useful (i need it almost everyday) and thanks for the nice design… looking forward for more work from you 😉

Ahmed Nitul

4 06 2008
Pablo Mac

We still need to get our heads together to discuss that idea of mine…

8 06 2008

Anybody want to tell me how this is supposed to work? I get a “page not found” for error if I got to the address it tells me…

8 06 2008

Greg –
Make sure you’re typing the address exactly (there’s a ‘:’ between the ip-address and the port number, not a ‘/’). If you get a page not found error then that means you’re connecting to the phone but the address is not right.

Hope that helps!

11 06 2008

Sounds like a great app, but when I installed it on my iPhone with the installer, the program just went straight to asking me for a username and password, it did not ask for a donation or anything. I have no idea how to get a username and password and would really like to get this app working. Thanks

16 06 2008

Great app as the note pad function was one app I really planned on using and this makes it so easy compared to type each on the itouch. Hope others help you also with donations. Well worth it to me.

18 06 2008

This crashes with Firefox 3, not gonna blame FF3, but it works great in Internet Explorer.

I connect, enter the user info and then I see it closes out on the ipod, and I don’t get the interface in Firefox. Just a white page with the logo and donate button.

19 06 2008

Thank you somuch…It’s really nice.

21 06 2008

Thank you! (again)

However, Japanese characters don’t work fully. Please fix it,please.

When I try to change Text encoding, I met “method doesn’t exist: ReferenceError: Error #1069” message.

23 06 2008
Ashley Scott

AARGH! My remote note no longer works. It opens on my iPhone but when accessing it from Firefox the page is blank apart from the RemoteNote logo and it then crashes on the iPhone!

I’ve tried changing the username and password in case it was incorrect, to no avail.

I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled. It’s version 1.0.3.

Could this be due to upgrading to Firefox 3?

23 06 2008
Ashley Scott

I should add that I get the blank page in IE too but it doesn’t crash the phone.

7 07 2008


This is a great and much needed app, thank you.

There is another app making the rounds called Moleskine that allows the user to organize notes into hierarchical folders. While it can import from, it does not make changes available back in the original notes. Of course, the added context of the folders would not be available there either, even if it did, so the notes become a bit of a walled garden.

So, my question w/o knowing the backend of either app is whether there is some synergistic development potential between the two? Exportable, Hierarchically Organized Notes?!?!?! The combo would be the must have note management solution for iP/Touch users.


14 07 2008
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5 08 2008

FYI, Under Firefox 3.x, opening remote note crashes remotenote on the iphone after login. Using IE7 still works. I’m using 1.1.4.

9 08 2008

You’re a king !

30 08 2008

Hi,can you make it possible to read other languages ?such as japanese ,chinese ..ect

1 09 2008

nice app !

we definitly need it for fw 2.0.x

keep up the great work

17 09 2008

I miss this app so much. Have you got any plans to port it to 2.x.x? This is one of the must have apps for a jailbroken phone.

28 09 2008

Please please make this compatible with fw 2.x. I just updated my ipod touch from 1.1.4 to 2.1, having no idea i would lose my favorite app. Please consider a port/update for the new 2.x firmware

6 10 2008

I also would love to see this updated to work with 2.x I updated my firmware and lost one of the most useful apps for iphone.

7 10 2008

Ditto what Ipheuria says — would be awesome to be about to use this with 2.x… :0)

Keep up the good work!

11 10 2008

The app is GREAT… that’s because we ask for fw 2.0 🙂
C’mon! THE WORLD is asking something, how could you deny? ;))

23 10 2008

Will RemoteNote work on an iTouch with 2.1 firmware?

Great app by the way!


20 11 2008
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10 12 2008

The app can only be used in one PC? Is there any way I can connect to RemoteNote using other PC ? I only use it on my notebook at home so far but I can’t connect to the app using my office’s PC. This would be great if we can use it in multi-PC.


4 01 2009

Really Usefull aplication

11 01 2009

This software is absolutely phenomenal my brother, and I really appreciate it. I’m currently using it at the moment instead of having to use the touch pad with my ipod touch to store some text messages. Thanks for this amazing notes gui man this is helping me alot.

Cheers to you.

17 04 2009
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18 07 2009
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26 07 2009

It’s a PAID application – you cant use it until you pay $1
Not only that, the site makes it impossible for you to pay..
I regged, but I was unable to go to paypal to pay for it. 😦

27 07 2009
John Robinson

Turgut –

Either you’re talking about a different app than RemoteNote, or you’re missing something. The app has always been free to use. I ask for donations if you like it but that is completely optional.


2 09 2009

Well, this app looks really awesome but my experience with so far has been nothing short of Hellish hahaa

I have an Iphone 1.1.14, installed this through Cydia, got it up and working but get the Jiggy errors and anyway i clicked the backup at one point & then went into my notes app and noticed there were no fucking notes left!!!

It had deleted them all…

Well no problem i thought as i have the back up right?

I’ve read every comment posted on this site for all versions of RemoteNote and nothing recommended has remedied this annoying(to put it mildly) situation…
I’m not going to ‘restore’ my iphone over this as that would just be too dam tiresome so there must be some remedy after all i have dam notes.db file but when i go restore it pops up with more errors(tried the adding notes in notes before restoring it!) and in the notes app the backed files appear for a few seconds until you try to access it and resets back to the normal blank state…

Everything Gonnnneeeeeee!!!!

You would not believe the amount of material i had on there and this has come as a total kick to groin… hahahaaa I’m completely gutted lol

Help me!!!! LOL

25 05 2011
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2 02 2012

now it’s not free anymore big boss modefided and it’s calling it now RemoteNotePlus and it’s selling it for 1.99$

9 05 2012
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11 01 2013

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Thanks again ,Jodi

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