RemoteNote update – 1.0.3

15 06 2008

I finally got around to releasing a new version of RemoteNote. It should be available on Installer shortly.

With the new version comes a new preferences panel which allows you to edit the font and font sizes in the editor (has no effect on actual notes) as well as play with the encodings and ime options (experimental) for non-english users. In my testing, non-english characters are still not working correctly. I feel like I’ve tried anything but of course am open to further suggestions!

In addition, there is a new ‘Restore’ feature. This allows you to restore your notes database from a backup. In order to successfully restore after a complete phone/ipod restore+jailbreak, use the following steps:

First, launch RemoteNote and use the backup feature to download your notes database. If the notes file opens in a new window instead of downloading, head over to and grab the latest version of the flash player (I had issues with the debug player on mac). Once downloaded, go ahead with your iphone restore and jailbreak, and reinstall RemoteNote. Do NOT launch RemoteNote yet. First you have to launch Notes and create a dummy note (RemoteNote will throw errors if the notes.db file doesn’t exist). Now that you have at least one note, launch RemoteNote on the phone and visit the editor in your browser and use the restore tool. Select your notes.db file on your computer and upload. You’re done! You should have all your old notes restored. 

As always, let me know here in the comments about any issues you encounter.



RemoteNote – release candidate 1.0.2 a2

18 05 2008

I’ve decided to release an alpha version for those interested in testing non-english languages, specifically double-byte characters like Chinese, Korean, etc. 

This version is not available on Installer but is available for download:

You’ll have to manually install it using ssh, winSCP, etc. If you don’t know how to do that, there is a ton of existing information available. Please don’t post comments asking how to manually install.

Aside from language support, I’ve fixed a few bugs (IE caching, extra lines in new notes). I’ve also added a preferences panel which lets you select a font and font size for the editor (note, this has no effect on the actual note text). 

I really need feedback as to what languages work, and what do not. So if you test it out, please do post your experience here in the comments! Of course, any other bugs should be noted as well 🙂