RemoteNote – Update

5 04 2008

RemoteNote has gotten a major overhaul. We’re now at version 0.2.0!

Release Notes 0.2.0:

Bug Fixes:

  • Supports notes with single quotes (if you find other characters to cause issues, let me know)
  • Much better database interaction (no more undefined notes!)


  • Snappy editor powered by (TinyMCE
  • Editing is done in one single page


Known Issues:

  • Bonjour support. I thought this would be easy but as far as I’m able to find, bonjour isn’t available yet on the iphone. Rumor has it that it’s going to be available in the 2.0 firmware update. If anyone has more info I’d love to hear about it. UPDATE: “ipod.local” has been reported to work in some cases but I haven’t been able to get it to work.
  • Delete links do not work. It works in the NEXT (aka, not this one) release however 🙂
  • HTML is sometimes making it into the title and/or summary. For now, be careful that you don’t have any html in the first line or 2 of your notes. You can double-check this by clicking the ‘html’ button on the toolbar and simply deleting any html in the first few lines before saving your note. If you save a note, and it appears to be the only note in the list, don’t panic! Your notes are still there. Just go into the phone notes program and edit the note you just saved and all should be fine again. 
  • Lines are messed up in the iPhone ‘Notes’ app when viewing notes created/edited with RemoteNote
I wanted to give Chrys a huge thanks for coming up with the new icon and logo. You can find more of his iPhone iCandy here, or check out the screenshot of the new editor below.
RemoteNote Editor 0.0.3
Finally a huge thanks for all the support and feedback I’ve received so far! As usual, if you have any issues with the app or ideas that would make it better, let me know!